How responsive web design benefits small business owners, Know here

How responsive web design benefits small business owners, Know here

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  • Aug 25, 2019
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If you are an online business owner or  looking for ways to keep your website and business on top of the marketplace , expand your business reach, increase your conversion rates and keep yourcustomrs satisfied then getting a responsive website should be your top priority.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive design is a flexible, liquid layout that adapts to fit various screen sizes, resolutions and devices. It allows your site to automatically change grids and layouts according to the visitor’s screen resolution, whether on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, creating a user-friendly interface when visitors access websites.

If you’re viewing this blog post on a desktop, you can test responsive design in action. Try making your browser window smaller and you’ll notice the images and content column shrink to fits your screen resolution.

Here are some advantages of having a responsive website for your small business website and how to justify the investment needed to turn your non-responsive website into responsive.

1) Reach more audience

As the dramatic rise in the number of people who use their mobiles and tablets for all their online activities (social networking, shopping, researching, searching google etc), demand for responsive websites also increased. Now here question arises ! What  if your potential customers open your website on smart phone and they find it difficult to access your products and service, will they still be interested in buying your products and services? And the answer is probably "No". Every customer want sleek and easy to access website while making any purchase, So either you are small or any business ownwer you must opt for mobile responsive website.  If you don’t offer your users  a good experience on the device of their choice, you may lose visitors or customers .

2) SEO benefits

Responsive design is highly recommended by Google guidelines , because mobile optimized responsive websites are leading in local search engine results. A good user experience results you a positive reviews and traffic which helps your company to gain more rankings. Because at the end customer's journey while visiting your small business website is what make your online business a success.

3) High conversion rates

As user experience gets improved, resulting no redirection makes your visitors to spend more time on looking towards your products and services.  Once your website start delivering good impact i.e functionality, performance and consistent look you will automatically start getting good leads. Hassle free surfing on your small business website makes you more customers.  According to agency survey average smartphone conversion rates are up by 64% compared to desktop and it gives you a reason for having  responsive website for your small business in india.

4) Stay ahead of the competition

As a small business owner its obvious that you want to be on the top of your business marketplace and responsive webdesign is great way to outperform your competitors.

5) Cost Efficient

Responsive web design minimizes the overall cost of the development. You don't need to have separate website for your mobile users and other for desktop users while you can opt for responsive design. So, opt for the primero Digital Services offering responsive web design in india and get your purpose solved.


Responsive design allows you to stay ahead of the trends in market. So contact us today and we can help you get your website set for stun, no matter what size screen your customers are using!



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