7 Features Every Small Business Website Must Have

7 Features Every Small Business Website Must Have

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  • Aug 25, 2019
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As a small business owner, you want to bring your business online and want to have a great website, But you are clueless about what elements every great small business website design absolutely needs to have. Now you don't need to worry we help you in creating your dream website and get  more customers to you.

Below you will find some Features Every Small Business Website Design Must Have.

1.  Accurate business information

 Your customers  need to know about your business in order to do purchasing with you. So adding exact informtion about your work  benefits you with good customers. We help you make the most beautiful and useful website that stands out from competition, but if your customers do not have your information and location, they won’t be able to find you.

2. Logo

A logo representing your business does a number of things for your business and your website. It shows that your business is well established.  With a logo your small business also catches the attention of your potential clients and will make people remember you and recognize you from competition, helping you to stand out in marketplace.

3. Social Media profiles

Social media profiles make it easy for your site visitors to find you on social networking sites. With help of Social media you can  daily post content about your business, news and updates, because the content will appear in the news feed of those who follows your page. Being active on social media and engaging with customers could also help you with market testing and product reviews.

4. Testimonials 

When people find your new  business online, they might show their interest  to know if it has any reviews from its old customers. There is nothing more powerful than testimonials from real users with their contact information. By using testimonials from your old customers you can easily build trust in new customers.

5. Online Chat Feature

Online chat features in small business website offer real-time communication with customers. When cutomers visiting your site and they find you online with chat features, chances of getting queries gets incresed.

6. Mobile responsive

In today digital world there are more people accessing your small business website using a mobile device than a PC. This is why having your website mobile responsive is not a “would like to have” feature, but an absolute must feautre. Mobile responsive websites have fluid layouts that allow page elements to grow or shrink depending on the screen size and become easy to access for customers at any device.

7.  Fast loading

No matter how good your website is , but if it is taking lot of time to load , visitors will  leave it very soon without any queries and leads. Search engines equal slow loading speeds with poor user experience. Website loading time is a major contributing factor to website abandonment. Make sure that your business website  code was created by trusted professionals who knew what they were doing.

At Techies Software Solutions, our website designing  experts have helped businesses either big or small reach their sales potential by taking care of each feature that your small business website needs.


To discover more , drop us a line and we will share with you the latest strategies and tactics to make online business sucessfull with good website.



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